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Xeams - eXtended Email And Messaging Server
A completely free email server with spam/junk filtering. This server can be run in 3 modes: Stand Alone, Spam Firewall, or Hybrid. Xeams support all major email protocols such as SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. Administration is done via web interface allowing users to manage the server from anywhere.
Synametrics Search Engine
A turn-key solution to provide searching capabilities to your website. No programming or maintenance involved on your end.
Web Site Spell Checker
A free spell checker for your website. We all know that text mistakes can be embarrassing, costly, and have plenty of other negative side effects. Let our spell checker correct them for you.


An incremental backup utility based on "rsync". Rather than copying the entire file, DeltaCopy only copies the part of file that have changed since last backup.



Quick Test
Test your email and web server from the Internet and see if it passes all the tests
SMTP Proxy
Debug problems related with your email server with this SMTP proxy server.
DevNull SMTP
An SMTP server created for programmers and administrators to debug their applications

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